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Professional and Friendly Cardiologist - Melbourne

Find a friendly Cardiologist at Melbourne Heart Care. With an expert team and comprehensive approach,
we help diagnose and manage cardiovascular diseases and treat every patient with care, respect and compassion.

Tests & Procedures

Tests & Procedures

Learn more about the range of tests and procedures performed at Melbourne Heart Care.



General information on a range of heart conditions, written to help patients and carers in their discussion with their cardiologist.

Making a referral

Making a referral

Refer to our guide on how local GPs, physicians or surgeons can quickly and easily make a referral.

Cardiac disease and heart conditions we treat at

Melbourne Heart Care

Melbourne Heart Care provides skilled, knowledgeable and friendly specialists in various areas of
complex and general cardiology in Melbourne. We treat a range of cardiac illnesses:

Innovative Cardiovascular Care

We have access to all-inclusive state-of-the-art facilities for accurate and timely diagnosis and the highest quality treatment. Backed by university-qualified and hospital-experienced cardiologists with a passion for helping people, Melbourne Heart Care is a leading clinic for patients with heart issues.

Friendly professionals backed by state-of-the-art equipment, university qualifications, cardiac research and the know-how for accurate, timely diagnosis and cardiac disease management.

Innovative Cardiovascular Care - Melbourne Heart Care
Cardiologist at Melbourne Heart Care

Melbourne Specialty
Cardiac Teams

We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional approach and strive for excellence in all aspects of cardiac care. We have specialty teams based on their passion and cardiology training to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment:

Cardiac Imaging And Tests For Cardiac Investigations

Melbourne Heart Care uses state-of-the-art facilities out of our clinics or hospital rooms for cardiac investigations.


Our expert cardiologists perform a range of cardiac procedures at a hospital near you to manage your cardiac health.

stress echocardiography - Melbourne Heart Care

 Using top-of-the-line equipment in our clinics or hospital rooms for imaging of your heart, or other diagnostic tools like stress echocardiography, our cardiac specialists are able to diagnose and manage many cardiac diseases.

Why Choose Melbourne Heart Care?

At Melbourne Heart Care we are a dedicated team of cardiologists with extensive cardiology and hospital-based training. We offer the highest quality patient care in chronic and acute cardiology medicine to improve patients’ heart health. Our dedicated, friendly team consists of cardiologists, practice nurses, administration, and technologist staff members who strive for excellence in all aspects of patient care.  We have close working relationships within the healthcare sector, meaning we can perform procedures and tests out of a hospital near you.

How To Contact
Melbourne Heart Care

Where You Can Find Us

We have seven consulting locations and three pacemaker clinics to provide consultations and a comprehensive range of tests and treatments at our modern facilities, private hospitals or a public hospital near you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked questions, or contact us directly if you have any queries.

The cost of seeing Melbourne cardiologists depends on if your consultation and tests are eligible for a Medicare rebate and what tests, treatment or medicine you may need. You can contact the friendly administration staff at Melbourne Heart Care, who can provide a cost estimation based on your individual patient needs.

Yes, you need a referral from your doctor before you attend a consultation with one of Australia’s cardiologists. Your GP can provide you with this referral based on your symptoms or past medical history and then you can call us at Melbourne Heart Care to make your appointment.

Doctors with a valid medical degree from a university can undertake further research and studies in cardiology. This means they can diagnose and manage all aspects of heart health, such as diagnostic tests like echocardiography or prescribing simple medicine for heart disease.

A cardiac specialist looks after all aspects of the heart, from heart failure and heart attacks to high blood pressure and murmurs. An electrophysiologist specialises in arrhythmia management and research. They diagnose and manage different heart rhythms and perform surgery to insert cardiac devices to control the arrhythmia or for accurate rhythm diagnosis.

The Australian Heart Foundation recommends that if you are aged 45 and over, or 30 and over if of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent then you should see your GP about your cardiac health. Your GP may refer you to a cardiac specialist if they believe it necessary. If you have significant risk factors, such as a family history of heart disease, smoking, diabetes or obesity, you should be discussing the health of your heart with your GP now.

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